Edgar Garriga

What I Do




Cloud Computing


November 2022
SOS Humanity

RHIB driver

RHIB Driver on the MV Humanity 1 for the SAR in the central Mediterranean operations.

February 2020
Salvamento Maritimo Humanitario

RHIB driver

RHIB Driver on the MV AitaMari for the SAR in the central Mediterranean operations.

September 2019
Refugee Rescue UK


Volunteer of the RHIB for the SAR operations in the Aegena sea.

December 2018
Proactiva Open Arms

RHIB Driver

RHIB Driver on the SV Astral for the SAR in the central Mediterranean operations.

Summer 2018


Coordinator of a team of 16 lifeguards in Mataro and skipper of the rescue jetski.

July 2017
Proactiva OpenArms


Volunteer of the RHIB on the MV OpenArms for the SAR in the central Mediterranean operations

April 2017
Proactiva OpenArms


Volunteer of the RHIB for the SAR operations in the Aegena sea.

June 2010 - September 2012
Proteccion Civil

RHIB driver, ambulance driver, lifeguard

Research Experience

Center for Genomics Regulation

New algorithmic contributions for large scale multiple sequence alignments of protein sequences

The main goal is to implement a new MSA algorithm to align large datasets. Another part is developing reproducible pipelines with Nextflow and running them in the cloud using AWS, Docker, or Conda. I published multiple articles in scientific journals.

Google Summer of Code
Open Bioinformatics Foundation

Implement the support for Research Object specification into Nextflow framework

I obtain a Google grant to develop the ResearchObject in Nextflow. I was using Groovy to add the functionality into the core using Github to collaborate with mentors. The developed provenance feature is used in Nextflow, and the project was presented at international conferences.

Capstone Project
Universitat Autonoma Barcelona

MSA for the Big Data era

For the MSc thesis, I implemented an algorithm to perform high-scale MSA. I wrote it in C/C++ and Python, using the container’s technology to ensure reproducibility and HPC-Cloud Computing. I was able to publish an article showing the ability to align 1.4 million sequences.

Capstone Project
Simpson College

Creating DNA Libraries Using Thermodynamics and Sequence Alignment Algorithms

For the Bachelor's undergrad capstone, I did a web server in an international and multidisciplinary team. The aim was to produce random DNA sequences with a user's specific temperature range. I used JavaScript and other web-oriented technologies to build all the required parts.

European Project Semester
Politechnika Lodzka

Noise Management at EU Airports, Case of Lodz

On the Erasmus+, the European Project Semester was proposed to perform a study about the noise of the Lodz's airport from a theoretical point of view and performing experiments in an anechoic room. I worked with an analytical approach and a practical proposal, using databases and the physics of the sound to solve it. A report was delivered with the analysis and the proposed solution, with a campaign to explain the study to the citizens.

Design Skills

UI/UX Design


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Teaching / Trainer

Nextflow Workshops
Barcelona, Spain.

Online workshop

Multiple workshops and tutorials for a diverse audience about Nextflow.

Barcelona, Spain.

Online workshop

How to build reproducible and scalable pipelines with Nextflow.

Bachelor in Human Biology
Barcelona, Spain.

Pompeu Fabra University

Supervisor on a project about selenoprotein annotation.

Bachelor in Bioinformatics
Barcelona, Spain.

ESCI - Pompeu Fabra University

Teaching algorithms and programming on clustering and Multiple Sequence Alignment.